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It’s not too late, Jeff Goins, eBook


‘It’s not too late’ is about how and where to find your targeted audience, how to create a good marketing strategy and which methods to use to get readers’ attention and love. The author gives examples of people, who happened to go from zero to hero. In our case, to become popular bloggers and bestselling authors with thousands of followers all over the world.    

To be honest, I galloped through this book for less than 2 hours, being only distracted by testing my writing voice and interviewing people about my writing abilities. The author identifies 5 types of bloggers: ‘journalist’, ‘prophet’, ‘artist’, ‘professor’ and ‘star’. Every type has a description and examples of real blogs.    

The book is in English, but easy and understandable to read. If your English level is more than B1 — you can manage to understand it.

‘It’s not too late’ is a proper name, which struck my eyes right away. It’s not too late to start to write, not too late to contribute to literature, not too late to leave some special part of you in this world. It’s exactly what author encourages his readers to — believe in yourself and start to write here and now.     

The book consists of introduction, three parts and conclusion. The structure of the book is clear and consistent. Step by step Jeff Goins reveals issues that concern beginner writers. He gives practical advices, both his own and experts’ ones. In conclusion there are 14 advices from successful bloggers and writers who were able to find their readers and become popular. 

Starting from introduction, the author wins over a reader by calling him special. Not so directly, of course. What he says is this:

And this is the exact style of the whole book.

The author didn’t forget about copywriting, but his advices are hardly new. We’ve been using them for a long time: to create a nice headline, to think through every word, to write for specific audience. Nevertheless, ‘It’s not too late’ isn’t about copywriting, and the issue of advertisement texts is not the main point of the book.

Despite of examples and advices, which Jeff Goins gives, this eBook is primarily a motive force. The author directly calls for action, communicates with readers and not just lays out facts. Talking about the relevance of the book, I must say that there always were, are and will be those who reach for popularity and thousands of fans. That’s why this book may be useful to beginner writers for more than one year.

Finally, my own recommendation: if you are at the very beginning of your writing career or you’ve got a writer’s block and need a push to write, ‘It’s not too late’ can play a role of your muse quite well. At least, that’s how it worked for me.

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